Masquerade Ball Huge Success

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What a fabulous, amazing wonderful night at the ROHHAD Association Masquerade Ball. We are deeply and truly grateful to everyone who came along on the night and to all those who donated their money, time, talent and prizes to make the Ball a huge success. The total amount raised from the Ball was £4695.15. A massive amount for which we are all incredibly grateful for. That total would not have been possible without our amazing sponsors who donated their time and talent to the event, Gracious Party's, The Dolls, Emily Middlemiss, All Dressed Up, TCB Photography, JJR Printers, Dragonfly, Colin Our piper who stood in the rain and piped our guests in and the fabulous Dumbuck House Hotel.   

Thank you to each and everyone of our guests and sponsors.  Same time next year everyone !! Save the date as it is booked for Saturday the 1st of April 2017.  Leaving you with a few photos from the night !!


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Excited to announce our 1st Charity Ambassador ‘Lee Samuel’

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All at the ROHHAD Association are very excited to welcome to the team; the very talented Mr Lee Samuel.

Lee is an Actor, Presenter, Drama Teacher and BIG Panto Star in Scotland, he is also a very close friend to the Hunter Family and has seen for himself the devastation that ROHHAD has caused to his 'wee pal Aaron' and his family.

Lee has been a huge supporter of the ROHHAD Charity since it was founded in May last year, helping out at our events and to raise awareness.  When Trustees were discussing who we could ask to be Ambassadors for the charity Lee was the first to spring to mind.  We asked him and he said YES !

We are all delighted he is part of our Team as we know he will bring so many positives to our charity.  His enthusiasm is fabulous, he is driven, hard working and compassionate all of which we welcome in our team.

Thanks Lee for all your support so far; we are looking forward to continuing our work with you in your role as Ambassador.

Lee will be presenting at the ROHHAD Masquerade Ball on Friday the 1st of April.

He recently did his #GOMADJumpForROHHAD challenge that can be seen on FB, here is a few snaps of Lee doing the challenge and of Lee with Aaron.

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lee samuel 2


GOMADJumpForROHHAD Challenge

Aaron Hunters Social Media Video has had 90 thousand views on FB and 1350 views on youtube and has been online for 2 weeks !.  Raising Awareness is key for those battling ROHHAD.  We hope that the public keep viewing Aaron's Video.

The mission at ROHHAD Association is Global Awareness and also Fundraising to help Medical Research into ROHHAD.  Without Research we will not find a cure.  If you have watched Aaron's video and would like to do the challenge then please do so and post your video online #GOMADJumpForROHHAD.  Donating is easy too simply text JUMP29 £3.00 to 70070 (UK) or click on our donate now button on the website.

All support is appreciated.

This Campaign has ended. No more pledges can be made.