Captain Bravehearts Blog – AKA Aaron Hunter

Hi thanks for continuing to follow Aaron’s Blog this is the 2nd Blog and we will continue in the style of the first only this time it will be ROHHAD in the beginning followed by the present day. ROHHAD in the beginning  The 2 photos above were taken of Aaron before the first symptoms of […]

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Posted on 18th May 2016

‘Angel Emilee’s’ (story written by her dad Charlie)

  Continuing on from the last blog I had written I think it is about time to go into after my beautiful Emilee had to leave school . Emilee had a hard time with this, but she could not stay awake in class and was starting to get to the point where she would get violent […]

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Posted on 15th May 2016

Captain Braveheart’s Blog (Aaron Hunter)

  Captain Braveheart – My beautiful baby boy Aaron Hunter.   This is the first blog entry that I have written for Aaron and despite having thought about doing this for a while I am still slightly at a loss about were best to begin ?.  Do I start at the beginning before ROHHAD and […]

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Posted on 7th May 2016