AaronMans Own Blog Written By Aaron Hunter for Rare Disease Day 2019 this is His Rare Reality Please Share

Meet Aaron or as many of you may know him as AaronMan 💪 he is one of our Inspiring ROHHAD warriors and he himself has written the blog below for you all to read, (well he told mum what he wanted to say and then watched carefully as she typed it for him making sure […]

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Posted on 28th February 2019

Aarons Wish AaronNeedsIronMan will be fullfilled Read this Post for the Most Incredible News

We have the MOST INCREDIBLE NEWS TO SHARE WITH EVERYONE Aaron Hunter’s Wish #AaronNeedsIronman is happening and Aaron has spoken to Robert Downey Jr Please read the full post below written by Aarons Mum and Dad   Please RT and help Aaron reach IronMan #AaronNeedsIronman he has terminal ROHHAD Disease & has special message 4 […]

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Posted on 14th May 2017

Captain Braveheart Aaron’s Blog – Rare Disease Awareness Day 2017

  They say a picture tells a thousand words, so in this special Rare Disease Awareness Day blog I will share with you lots of photographs. ¬†We will use these photos to show you how the orphan disease ROHHAD has completely changed my sons physical body; how it has left him with a lifespan unlikely […]

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Posted on 1st March 2017