Our website


Welcome to the home of The ROHHAD Association.

We are really pleased that we have our website up and running, we will be adding more content and different pages over the coming months, so watch out for them.

We have a leading expert in the United Kingdom Dr G Shaikh, Paediatric Endocrinologist  writing some detailed information to add to the site, in the coming weeks.

We will also be posting and advertising for job applicants with regards to our research team.

We have set up a Facebook support page, for the parents of ROHHAD Children, and also a Page for the Children of ROHHAD to talk to each other ( This is monitored by two adults who will make sure that the children's safety and well being is paramount.)


We are on Twitter, if you would like to follow us, which will be used to help highlight ROHHAD Events, and Fundraisers.


Thank you to everyone who has helped and your continued support in helping, The ROHHAD Association achieve its goals, helping the children suffering with ROHHAD.


Website Guru

Auntie to a very special ROHHAD Boy.

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