Posted on 1st July 2015

Meet Josh

Meet Josh Wooten,
He is 18 now. But when he was 8, he suddenly went into respiratory arrest and had to be revived 5 times. He gained weight rapidly and speed producing hormones. 3 days before he turned 9, with a diagnosis that would later be known as ROHHAD, he got a trach. Weeks later, he came home with a ventilator. He has since gotten breathing pacemakers, battled swine flu and double pneumonia, and gone on to become a senior in high school. He studies culinary arts and loves going to church. He is a joy to be around. Josh was featured in a Discovery Channel documentary that first aired worldwide in 2007. It was called Life or Death: Battling to Breathe.  You can see it online at

He was also my inspiration to go back to school and become a registered respiratory therapist.

Josh’s Mum xx

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