Posted on 11th June 2015

Meet Jess

Meet Jess Jess is super musical. She has perfect pitch, plays the piano, sings in the choir and plays in the steel band. She is totally obsessed with Littlest Pet Shops, Plants vs Zombies and Minecraft. On the flip side, Jess has high functioning autism and while intellectually she is incredibly smart, struggles to understand the world and socially she really struggles. Jess is complicated, charming, affectionate, gentle, kind, and a square peg in a round hole. She is loved completely and we are grateful every day that she is ours x Jess has lived for the past 5 years with symptoms of ROHHAD she is a possible ROHHAD. Not having a test that can confirm diagnosis is incredibly difficult for families. Diagnosis of ROHHAD can take many years. Research can change that. Having a diagnosis quickly will help save more lives.

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