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Research is vital to identify improved treatments, deliver better quality of life and increase understanding of ROHHAD.  It is imperative that research is done if we stand any chance of saving the lives of the children diagnosed. You can Help the children by making a donation today and help us to raise awareness.

The ROHHAD Association is a global charity and ROHHAD affects children all around the world.  Therefore we are very happy to consider funding applications for research into ROHHAD from anywhere in the world.

There are Endocrine consultants in Scotland and England within the  UK who are very interested in beginning research into ROHHAD.  They are now working collaboratively with one another to prepare research proposals.  There are also Doctors in the USA who are currently undertaking some research into ROHHAD.

At the charity we  will continue to work incredibly hard to raise awareness and the funds required so that we can support and fund research within the UK and Internationally.  Once we begin to allocate ROHHAD Research Grants we will update our supporters regularly via our website on how that research is progressing.

Some information for ROHHAD families regarding current ROHHAD Research

We have recently been asked by the team at the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago to include the following information on our website.  We are more than happy to share this with you all and ask that any family affected by ROHHAD who is reading this for the first time to please either contact us here at the charity for further information or click on the links below.

Lurie Childrens Hospital are currently undertaking some Research into ROHHAD, they have started an international registry for children diagnosed with ROHHAD and they are actively seeking participation in this Registry

An international Registry will help any team researching ROHHAD and allows a collaboration of the number of children diagnosed around the world as well as a collaboration of key information about the children affected.

Please click the following links for further information about the registry and details of how you may be able to participate.

The hospital at Chicago is also currently updating their website to include some other ROHHAD studies that they are currently doing and are preparing to do.  It may also be that you would be interested in participating with these studies.  

Participation in the International Registry requires the Online interest form to be completed.  Participation in the other studies requires participation in the International Registry.

If you have any questions relating to the International Registry you can contact us here at the charity and we will happily try to help you.  

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